Advantages of using printed cartons

  1. Differentiation

Printed packaging is no doubt a major breakthrough in the packaging industry since its inception. It has the ability to insert a narrative about the product, besides the rendition of attractive colors and design that sets it apart from other brands. Also, it can help the customer identify your brand easily. Why? Printed carton will carry the name and logo of the company.

Human beings are visual creatures and we all crave beauty. You could conduct a social experiment to prove the same. An attractively packaged box with graphic design is much more likely to be picked up by a customer than your average run-of-the-mill brown carton.

  1. Endorsing eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products have taken the world by storm. Paper boxes are an optimal solution to that and will encourage environmentalists or people in general who are drawn to eco-friendly products, as a deliberate effort to reduce carbon footprint. Plastic packaging can besmirch the reputation of an organization but paper packing will make you appear responsible and aware.

  1. Forging a bond

A tangible, printed carton will leave a deep impression on the minds of the customers. A visual aid goes a long way in consolidating the brand’s individuality.

  1. Targeting a specific crowd

It can be very handy in reaching out to a particular demographic. For instance, if the brand is trying to reach out to a younger crowd, then bright colors will fit the bill but if you’re targeting a more serious audience, then somber colors are more suitable. The design builds the character and personality of the company.

  1. Technical data

Imagine you’re selling an electronic product like a laptop or stereo speakers, technical details like the name of the model, product specifications and features, warranty, date of manufacture, etc. has to be printed out. In the case of foods; expiry date, so on and so forth.

  1. Focus

People today have a short attention span and are most likely to skim information in a matter of seconds. If the printed carton can describe the product in a prepossessing way, then it will grab the attention of the customers at first sight.

  1. Solid

A printed carton is a physical object that can be touched, felt and explored as contrasted with digital material. It’s arresting and captivating.

  1. Authenticity
  2. A printed carton carries a legitimate product seal like Netpak custom packaging that can verify the reliability of the product, unlike plain cardboard boxes. This protects customers from falling prey to spam.


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