Commercial Vehicle Accidents Stats You Should Know


Suppose you look at commercial vehicle accident statistics in the world. In that case, you may notice that even though road accidents involving commercial vehicles are less frequent than SUV and PSV accidents, they tend to involve serious fatalities and severe injuries. The world trucking industry incorporates an estimated 2.5 billion drivers and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in the world GDP and annual revenue. The whole transport industry is also considered the lifeblood of the world’s economy and serves as the crucial link between manufacturers and customers. Since commercial accidents involve massive or industrial vehicles that weigh tens of thousands of weights and carry perilous goods, a small collision with a passenger or a semi-truck on the road poses a significant threat to other road users, passengers, drivers, and motorists. It is also wise to understand some commercial vehicle accident stats for better road usage.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Stats

Approximately 500,00 Commercial Crashes Were Reported in 2019

According to (FMCSA)Federal Motor (automobile) Carrier Safety Administration reported that nearly 500000 trucks were involved in road accidents in the USA. Of these, nearly one percent, 4,35, were fatal, while the other 24 percent, 355000, resulted in severe injuries. When you sum up all these figures, we can conclude that two trucks per hour are involved in a minor or severe accident. And from the two crashes, one person losses his/her life, and the rest end up with serious injuries.

The Risk of Colliding with Commercial Vehicles is 70% Higher during the Day

Although some researchers and drivers think commercial truck accidents are more common at night, commercial car accident statistics show the opposite is also true. The risk of hitting or colliding with a truck in the USA and other parts of the world is 70% higher during the day (5 am- 5 pm). The remaining 30% of commercial crashes occur between 7 pm, and 4 am. Driving at night can reduce your chances of colliding with either a truck or a semi-truck by 70%. This is because there is less traffic at night, making it easy for truck drivers to move freely.

Majority of Commercial Accidents Occur in a Clear Weather

The first question you should perpetually ask yourself before driving or allowing your trucks to leave your parking lot is the weather. Although it may seem to many that adverse weather states such as snow, rain, and mist are to blame for a significant percentage of truck accidents, statistics prove the whole story otherwise. According to commercial vehicle accidents, most crashes occur during clear weather. A cloudy day contributes to approximately 20% of the total accidents involving commercial trucks, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers.

70% of All Truck Accident Involve two or More Vehicles

Stas shows that one-truck accidents account for nearly 30% of all fatal commercial vehicle accidents globally. The other 70% involve two or more vehicles, and in more than 12% of the total collisions, there are three trucks involved. It’s all about safety and personal responsibilities that determine the outcome; drivers are all about experience and cautiousness that can reduce these figures.


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