Freelancing in the Digital Era


With the internet making work accessible from any part of the world possible. Many professionals with advanced skills are following the trend and going for their own gig. Breaking ties with a 9-5 and opting for being your own boss. Freelancing has picked up far more exponentially with integrated softwares allowing users to carry out all their functions in one place. To add fuel to this, the current global financial and employment scenario has completely changed after the ongoing threat of the worldwide pandemic. Professionals are subjected to working from home with a lingering uncertainty about their future. This has led to more and more skilled professionals opting to freelance and work on their own terms and not restricting them to a fixed job or environment.

With the growing demand for skilled professionals in the market on the rise. Many platforms have been made available and are making the best out of this upcoming opportunity. Hiring and networking platforms are now opening their doors to freelancers looking to get hired, as small, medium to large companies are now looking to hire professionals who can get the job done for them without internal restrictions and get their fresh ideas to the table.

Every job profile comes with its own requirement of skill sets and obstacles. People new to any field will face some challenges that might be completely different than what they learnt or are used to experiencing. Here even a professional or a newbie needs a mentor who can guide them with their prevalent expertise in the specified field. Helping you get started even in the field of freelancing by answering questions like; How do I find my first client? How do I make my process efficient? How much should I charge for a certain gig? How do I collect pending payments without being too pushy? How do I draft a contract? etcetera, etc.. There’s a lot of thinking to do when it comes to pulling off your own gig’s and having someone with experience who can guide you through it and take you under their wing and teach you the ropes. A lot professional networking platforms are providing opportunities to professionals to come on to the platform and enabling them to connect and network with other professionals and peers. One can build a connection with an experienced professional and collaborate with them. Such platforms provide the opportunity of mentorship. It is always great to learn from someone who has already faced similar issues and learning from them first hand. Networking platforms are doing just that by connecting with them over the platform. These platforms even prove to provide as a stepping stone for freelancers to grow their clientele and get discovered for their talents and expertise. This solves a lot of initial challenges for any professional looking to meet new people and get recognized.

Having a great network with the right people is always helpful in all fields and creating one is not so difficult these days through a dedicated professional networking platform.


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