Mistakes to avoid when using freeze dryers


Over the years, freeze dryers have been used extensively in the laboratories. Whether you are installing the entire unit, or in certain parts, you need to ensure that you consider it properly. The freeze dryers are used extensively around companies.

But, using freeze dryers can often be confusing. You need to ensure that you avoid the mistakes. It is usually because of how people tend to use it. Not using these freeze dryers properly can lead to a lot of mistakes. It is necessary that you take proper care while using freeze dryers and avoid the mistakes.

Some of the common mistakes to avoid while using freeze dryers include the following

Mixing raw material

This is the most common mistake a person can make. A lot of people consider adding freeze dryers in the box which eventually has a negative impact. Always remember that freeze dry and raw materials is never a good idea. This is usually because of the risks involved like

  • Smell or odour pollution
  • Bacteria contamination
  • Inconstant lyophilization

If you want the best from your freeze drying, you need to ensure that you don’t mix any raw product in the freeze dry chamber.

Freeze drying large pieces products

Large pieces of products such as meat or whole apples and pears can have a negative impact if you fill it up effectively. This can often take drying time to be long and it needs to be cut into pieces before drying. As per the drying protocol, all the large pieces need to be cut into smaller pieces.

If you go by the rules, you should cut or slice down the pieces in a thickness of less than 10mm. You can put these pieces in a tray and then offer them for drying. However, berry products such as blueberry and strawberry do not need to be cut into pieces for drying.

Avoid the usage of liner in trays

Whenever using industrial or commercial grade large scale freeze dryers, it is necessary that you use a plastic wrap. This is also helpful for raw materials as it further helps in harvesting and cleaning procedures.

When harvesting the products, you need to load the products into the trays for easy harvesting. Also placing them as liners in the tray will help to absorb the moisture. Not using a liner in the tray will eventually leave flavor and colors on the tray, which may prevent from using any further.

The harvest right freeze dryers can be helpful for avoiding the mistakes.


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