A Look At Other Important Services Associated With Technical Publication


Aerospace technical publication basically deals with partnering with different aerospace suppliers and aircraft service centers to provide detailed and well-explained documents or manuals required for the maintenance of the aircraft and helping the clients in understanding the operations and repairs of the machine. There are also manuals for the manufacture, inspection, and testing of the vehicles which are all prepared and documented under expertise from the field. As a part of technical publication service, these companies directly work with the engineering team or suppliers to regularly update documentation and maintain the technical publication by providing services like:

  • Integrated Logistic Support Services: The integrated logistic support services majorly focuses on four key points i.e. reliability, availability, maintainability, and testability. In this service, the companies usually provide you with Logistic support analysis (LSA), RCM Optimization, logistic databases, and maintenance analysis through life support. These integrated logistic services also provide reliability scores and the statistics of the aircraft, which help in a better understanding about them. These also include Failure Mode Effects and Critical Analysis (FEMCA) to improve the reliability of the machines. Companies such as Sonovision integrated logistics support have partnered with the USA Military to provide them high-quality services and documentation.
  • Ground Staff Equipment Services: Most of the technical publications services mainly work with the ground staff as all the maintenance and upgradation of the aircraft are done by them. They explain the things, which are then converted into useful publications like manuals, user guides, etc. for future references. These manuals usually have illustrations, how-to lists, list of parts, etc. which is very useful to the ground staff for knowing the aircraft well. These documentations also educate the staff on how to immediately repair the vehicle during an emergency and basic maintenance tips. Some manuals include provisioning and management of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tools. There are also manuals that guide about the recycling and scrapping of the old parts.

The work of these technical publication companies is very hectic as they need to keep updating their manuals on a regular basis and provide their clients with high-quality and updated documents about the aircraft for its smooth and safe functioning. They also provide details about the latest upgradation of the vehicle if any.

In this way, all technical documents undergo complete quality check and are then certified by the authorities before they are printed and handed over to the clients.  For, even a slight ignorance can lead to disasters in such fields.


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