What Does Each Squarespace Plan Include?


Squarespace is a market leader for intuitive, robust, and user-friendly websites. A very few names reckoned with best e-commerce platforms, but Squarespace doesn’t fail to make a lost lasting impression. Squarespace continues to accelerate business growth with impressive inventory management tools. One doesn’t have to deal with many technical aspects or learn coding to create a professional site on Squarespace. The best thing is that it offers you a “hosted solution”—you don’t have to download any additional software, and the website runs on its own servers. But does that make Squarespace a costly affair? Let’s walk into Squarespace pricing strategy and check what it looks like.

Different Plans available with Squarespace

Squarespace offers you four plans, mainly categorized as—Personal, Business, Basic commerce, and advanced commerce.

Let us look at what is the difference between all these plans.

1.Personal Plan

  • The number of contributors on personal plans is limited to 2.
  • You also get third-party extensions to expand and optimize your business.

2.Business Plan

  • The number of contributors with a business plan is unlimited.
  • The transaction fees with a business plan is 3%

3.Basic Commerce

  • The number of contributors with a basic commerce plan is also unlimited.
  • There is no transaction fee levied on this plan.
  • In addition to other features available with a personal and business plan, you can sell in person with this plan.
  • You can accept the payments through the platform and sync your customers, inventory, and sales analytics.
  • The feature of creating a customer account is available with this plan, which helps you increase sales and foster a relationship with them.
  • The added benefit of e-commerce analytics helps you track your store’s performance, identify sales trends, and keep an eye on conversion right from the beginning.

4.Advanced Commerce

  • The plan allows you to send reminders to customers who have abandoned the checkout process before initiating the payment process.
  • You can sell subscriptions for products and services weekly or monthly and earn additional revenue with this plan.
  • It helps to calculator real-time shipping charges with all the leading shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc., with the help of zip code.
  • Let third-party systems manage your back-office and e-commerce needs, such as order fulfillment and inventory management.

The basic commerce plan is the best to start with since it has no transaction fees and meets all your important business requirements.


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