What is Preventive Healthcare?


Most of the people today are following a lifestyle that might affect their health. There is climate change, the emergence of new kind of diseases that are leading to severe health issues. In times like these, protecting your health must be your top priority. The first thing that might come to your mind would be taking up health insurance. Well, it does offer financial security when you face medical issues, but preventive health check-ups might help you in taking proactive measures to lessen ailments related to your health.

Learn all about what is health insurance and preventive healthcare in India below:

Why should you consider preventive healthcare?

The cost of healthcare is rising every day. A steady increase associated with medical inflation over the years is seen. Due to this, so many people are not able to avail adequate healthcare. In situations like these, if you adopt preventive healthcare measures, it will help you in avoiding various diseases. Also, you won’t have to face any financial burden for treating those diseases. In addition, if you wish to secure your finances in cases of medical mishaps, then you can take up a comprehensive health insurance policy.

Check-ups are important

If you go for your health check-ups regularly, it will detect any life-threatening ailments quickly. With early diagnosis, you can take quick measures and reduce the damage caused by the diseases. You can also prevent diseases, in some cases. If you are growing old, you must undergo a full body check-up regularly.

Various preventive healthcare packages

There are a variety of plans available for preventive tests in the market. Here are a few popular packages:

  1. Full body check-up
  2. Check-up related to heart
  3. Check-up related to kidney
  4. Women-centric plan
  5. Plan for Senior citizen
  6. Obesity check-up

Health insurance

There are a few health insurance companies that provide the plans above mentioned, free of cost or with concession under their terms and conditions. If you have not raised any claim for a certain number of years as declared by your insurance provider, then, in that case, medical insurance plans can provide free check-ups. A few insurers even offer them as add-ons to health insurance plans. Also, an option is available where you can go for health check-ups even if you’re not associated with medical insurance plans.

Health insurance mostly covers all major diseases. However, there are chances it won’t provide coverage for the illness you might require in future. In such a situation, you can opt for a Critical Illness Insurance policy. It usually covers diseases such as cancer, heart attack, chronic lung disease, coronary artery disease, paralysis, stroke, and major organ transplant. Hence, it is good that your health insurance plan has this important feature.

Annual check-ups are necessary

An individual’s eating and sleeping habits change the way the body functions. Irregular working hours, no exercise, moving to a different city, etc. makes you vulnerable to diseases as you undergo lifestyle changes. Also, if ever you feel the need to get a health check-up, just do it without thinking twice as a precautionary measure. It will be excellent if you make it an annual ritual, to stay away from all the life-threatening diseases.


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