A Guide For Photographing Indoor Events With Low Lighting


Many times, you may be faced with the daunting task of event photography that provides low lighting; especially the ones taking place indoors. These may include high school graduations, concerts, corporate dinners, etc. The trick here is to capture a fantastic picture with a minimum illumination and these cameras can get it done: https://skylum.com/blog/best-mirrorless-cameras.

Following are some techniques that will ensure you get some enrapturing images in instances with less than ideal lighting:

  1. A Good Camera

One of the first things to be done is to ensure you get a camera where you can increase the ISO on your camera without the noise gets too loud. Also, one that has a good low lighting performance that suits your needs would be ideal. The old point and shoot camera prove increasingly difficult for indoor events; however, newer cameras are available with larger sensors and newer designs that prove delightful to work with. Some options are the Canon G12 or the S95.

  1. Stabilizing Your Photographs

Holding your camera steady proves to be of utmost importance. If however, you find your hands unsteady, you may consider mounting your camera. There are several options available; a table near you or even your tripod or monopod. The latter gives you the time to rotate between different shots. You may also take multiple shots this way. Cameras these days include stabilization features that rectify tiny movements.

  1. Using The Flash

While using the flash on your camera, it is best to dim the lights at the event. This makes your images softer and gives you a more natural effect. You can also avoid focusing on objects at the event and instead let the light bounce off the ceiling. However, a flash may focus on objects and make the surroundings appear dark, bringing about a dingy atmosphere. In these cases, it is helpful to turn off the flash.

  1. Quiet Vs Noisy Camera Shutters

In some instances, you may have to be especially careful to not disturb an event with your noisy camera’s irking shutter sound. These may be religious gatherings, funeral services or even sporting events. Some may use the D700 for low lighting and the D300 for its quiet shutter sound. It would help if you kept the shutter open long enough to get sufficient light, but not so long that it gets too noisy.

  1. Accessing The Scene Beforehand

Talking to the people who hire you beforehand, about the event, the kind of lighting that would be available, including the time the event would take place is a good idea. Intimating the guests about the fact that pictures taken in low lighting might tend to be a tad noisy, also seems like a good idea.


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