How to look for the perfect home for kittens?


Finding new homes for kittens is a nerve-racking process, but it is essential to find a suitable adopter. It should not be a temporary home but a permanent home where the kitten can happily spend the rest of this life. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts, which will be helpful for you when you are looking for suitable adopters.

  • Some kittens need more attention than others and can take longer than four weeks to learn how to ingest mature cat foods. Therefore, ensure the kitten is fully skilled and prepared before separating them from their mum. This shouldn’t happen until at least 12-14 weeks of age
  • Make sure that you have your kittens desexed. It is essential for the healthy and fit life of the kitten and this helps stop more kittens from ending up in shelters later on. A kitten can be desexed from around eight weeks of age.
  • It’s essential to have the kittens medically checked and provided with all vital vaccinations before they go to their new home.
  • Your kittens should be able to socialise and get used to playing with human beings before they head to a new family. It’s important that the kittens feel assured and comfortable around humans.
  • Ask a range of probing questions to the adopters so that you can understand whether they will be the right fit for the kitten. Below mentioned are some of the critical questions you must ask the adopter.
  1. Is everyone in your household in agreement to adopt the kitten?
  2. Does anyone have allergies?
  3. Who will take care of the cat and how?
  4. What is your home like – is it suitable for a cat?
  5. Have you owned cats before?
  6. Are you aware of all of a cat’s natural behaviours?
  7. Are you aware of all the costs involved?
  8. Are you able to commit to the cat for all their needs for their entire lifetime?

Don’t sell without a proper discussion

Don’t give away your kitten without discussing it comprehensively with the adopter first. Avoid folks that ‘don’t have time to chat’ as they may be purposely hiding something or genuinely not interested in being responsible pet owners.

If your adopter is a first-time cat parent, then educate them about taking care of a tiny kitten. You can inform them about the best vets and the best pet insurance. Giving some tips to a new cat parent will help the kitten and the pet-owner bond well. Kittens can be a very playful, loving companion in anyone’s life as long as they’re well cared for, so find them a trustworthy companion. Always make sure you find them the right home.


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